Guest Blog - Climbing the Corporate Ladder - Dilan Perera

Sep 13, 2021

Too many people bounce through their career without an effective roadmap. Others expect promotions in exchange for years on the job and believe a “big break” will simply land in their lap. The reality is, in order to get where you want to be, you need to have a success strategy. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Here are the things that have contributed towards my progression through the ranks over the last 15 years.

1. Build Your Blueprint

It’s critical you have a clear view of what you want to do, where you want to arrive at the pinnacle of your career and the interim steps required to get there. Of course, make adjustments as you go, but a robust blueprint will help you to position yourself in the right places at the right times. Believe me, seizing progression opportunities as they present themselves is much more about preparation and foresight than good fortune!

2. Attitude is Altitude

Companies look for people who fit their existing culture and...

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10 questions to help you move in the direction of #futureyou

Sep 05, 2021

Many people I meet have reconsidered many aspects of their lives over these last 18 months. For some, I have seen dramatic change as a result, whilst for others there remains a restlessness - desire to do things differently but a lack of courage to set SMUUT goals and go after them. 

Effectively to decide (what you really want) to commit (that you do really want the change required) and then to go (to take action to move in the direction of what you want). 

Getting started is easy as you are full of energy, passion and enthusiasm. As you get towards the summit, finishing line, desired future state or however else you want to phrase it, things also get easier. Energy and a real buzz returns. 

It is the bit in the middle that is the challenge. Professor Damian Hughes called this the 'messy middle' in the FutureYou interviews we did. You have lost sight of the start line but have no sight of the finish line. Energy and motivation are waning and you need the discipline of...

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Learnings from #futureyou call with Steve Smith

Aug 24, 2021

FutureYou member Philip McVeigh asked the questions of Olympic medallist and entrepreneur Steve Smith, the founder of Raise the Bar which gave me the opportunity to capture my thoughts and learnings in this blog.

In the pre-call, Steve shared a few powerful insights:

  • Your mindset is either working for you or against you.
  • Goals - you want to know what great looks like and for your goals to be clear and 'direct.'
  • Always 'control the controllables.'
  • We can change and reinvent ourselves.
  • Fail fast, learn and move on.
  • Create psychological safety for your team - a sense of belonging and value. Put them in control of what they are responsible for. 

 Steve was an international high jumper who won the bronze medal in Atlanta at the 1996 Olympics. He still holds the British record 29 years later. Injury forced him to retire at 27 whilst he was ranked the No1 in the world. In Steve's words you have to 'box it off' and put it behind you. Cut some ties to move forward. After 3/4...

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Lessons from Sport - Raise the Bar article for 'Andy Fell's 2009 Guide to Winning'

Aug 22, 2021

Last week FutureYou member Phil McVeigh interviewed Olympic medallist and entrepreneur Steve Smith

In the first of two blogs, I share the 2009 article Steve wrote as part of my 2009 Guide to Winning. Next week I will share my learnings from the interview with Phil. 

Lessons from sport - all sport achievers:

1) Have specific goals and they break those goals down into achievable steps - You can not become a world champion overnight; you have to tackle hurdles regularly along the way and celebrate each success as it is achieved. Have you committed to achieving a specific goal? Do you have a step by step plan to lead you to your goals?

2) Have a vision and learn to visualise their goal  - They play through a vision of success like a video of the mind. Jack Nicklaus, possibly the greatest golfer of all time, says 90% of his success has come from the ability to visualise where every shot is going to land. Can you imagine what success looks like? Are you able to...

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Learnings from #futureyou call with Graham Arnold

Aug 15, 2021

On Tuesday 10th August 2021, #futureyou member Paul Tucker interviewed Socceroos and Olyroos coach Graham (Arnie) Arnold. The Socceroos are Australia's men's football team, the Olyroos the Olympic side (essentially an U23 side).

Here are the notes I took from the session:

  1. Never stop learning and improving everyday.
  2. Do it your way.
  3. Be prepared to make strong decisions that are best for the team.
  4. Build a circle of trust around you. Only accept criticism from people you would take advice from.
  5. Care for each individual. Looking after people is most important.
  6. Learn from your mistakes and move on quickly.
  7. Small things matter to help build culture.
  8. Be prepared to invest in youth. Young people have the ability to grow quickly. ('The strength of the Socceroos is the strength of the Olyroos'). Trust in youth. My belief is that we should all be willing to 'put people in a coat that is too big. Most will grow into it.' 
  9. The more you do your trade, the better you become. Put in extra...
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How to be successful by an ultra marathon runner - Guest Blog by Brian Kennedy

Aug 08, 2021

Would you take advice on how to be successful from an ultra marathoner?

Ultra marathoners have many skills that make them successful, skills that can be brought into personal and career lives if only people would listen.

Listening can be your secret weapon in moving forward to success.

In order to be a successful ultra marathoner you must work on your training plan for 40, 50,100 mile races and understand the level of commitment it will take to reach your goal. Build a foundation and have a decent time frame to meet your goal.

The ability to understand, use and manage your emotions is crucial to overcome challenges, obstacles and injury and personal conflict.

The real prison is in our minds, the voices chatter and won’t stop until you identify it name it and then ignore it by letting it know it has no space in your mind.

Believing in yourself, the strength that comes from your heart and your soul deliver possibilities in life that once we thought not possible.


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Five Winning Practices to achieve the career/life you want!

Aug 02, 2021

This week's blog comes from an article I wrote for Linkedin in November 2015. I have updated it slightly to reflect some of the changes I have made in life but the core remains the same. I believe the value in the article remains as important today as it did in 2015!

After being made redundant in 2009, after 20 years of service in RBS, Andy Fell turned around his fortunes and has since enjoyed the best years of his life. Andy, believes that there is opportunity in everything and that sometimes you just have to look a little harder. After relocating to Australia where he spent another seven and a half years in banking, Andy left again this time to establish his speaking, coaching and learning business, GiFT631 and #youth4good. Andy shares his top tips for success in this short blog post.

  • Clarity of purpose

Sir Isaac Newton once said “All I have is clarity.’’ True success in life originates from your purpose or your ‘why’ , It excites,...

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The Breakfast Club I Didn’t Want - by Dijana Josevski

Jul 23, 2021

God this was tough. 

I had lifted myself off the grass at 6 am after collapsing for the third time in an exhausted heap. What was I doing? I had dragged my sorry ass to the other side of the world to peruse a dream that was fading fast. 

In my early 20’s  I decided to travel to the US to become a student-athlete. I love football and had some success as a junior here in Australia and the lure of having a shot at a career had me confronting this brick wall of pain I had just hit. 

In the US college sport is huge. however, the expectations from your team and coaches are even bigger. Forget about the glamour that is sometimes discussed, being a student-athlete comes with high expectations and many sacrifices along the way.

During preseason student-athletes can be often found on the training pitch 2-3 times a day whilst balancing study commitments and other compulsory community commitments

Everyone was expected to be at a certain fitness level and...

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Smile by Almas Tauriq

Jul 18, 2021


In a world where you can be anything, choose to be the best version of yourself.

Daniel Kahneman writes in his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, simple, common gestures unconsciously influence our thoughts and feelings. In one experiment, people were asked to listen to messages through new headphones. They were told that the purpose of the experiment was to check the quality of the audio equipment, and were instructed to move their heads repeatedly to check for any disturbance in the sound. Half the participants were told to move their heads up and down (like a nod, a yes gesture), while the other half were told to shake their heads from side to side (like a no gesture). The messages they heard were news editorials.

Those who nodded tended to accept the message they heard, but those who shook their head tended to reject it. There was no awareness, just a habitual connection between an attitude of acceptance and rejection based on the...

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We Don't have to be Perfect - originally a #youth4good article by Duku Fore

Jul 12, 2021

WE DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT - #youth4good article from 22/3/2017 (penned under the name Fred Duku Silver) 

I recently had the opportunity to address a group of student in Singapore through a Skype Conference and one of the questions I was asked was along the line of ‘From being born in a refugee camp, couldn’t speak English coming to Australia, facing bullying and eventually getting sent away from your school to being recognised by and representing Australia at the United Nations Headquarter, studying a double degree of Law and Business and being one of the youngest speakers in the world, what was the biggest challenge you had faced and how did you overcome it?’

At the time although I felt the urge to say it, I hesitated and gave another answer. However, I feel like this is the best time to be honest with myself as I believe so many people are faced with this challenge daily. The biggest challenge I have faced up to date is the challenge of being...

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